Corporate Immigration In Vietnam

From our conversations with expatriates and with Human Resources Departments at Corporate Accounts daily, we quite understand their worries about expatriates job assignment in Vietnam. Many questions about Vietnam expatriates would like to know to put them easily and adapt with Vietnamese culture. How to manage whole process of expatriates immigration to Vietnam? Many issues and complicated scenarios in the process of immigration need to be answered. Expat Services Vietnam team provides exclusive immigration consultancy services to Corporate Accounts to assist to manage whole immigration issues and immigration process. Expatriates find smooth and fast to settle down quickly to work, stay and enjoy their living in Vietnam.

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Study Abroad - HR Consultant - Education & Training

Expat Services Vietnam, we inspire your children to pursue their dreams studying in International Schools in Vietnam, USA, Australia, Canada.
Finding schools for children of expatriates studying in Vietnam or children in your home country to study in USA, Australia, Canada can be counted as an issue. We receive same questions from parents and students daily: which country, which state should the children register to study? What schools to study? Study path chosen to study? How to manage whole process to school admission? Study permit process? Visa process...etc. They are consulted carefully and in details depending on family condition and family financial situation.

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Hotels - Resorts - Real Estates Management

With our international team and with we our deep experiences in hotels-resorts-real estates management, we are proud to provide consultancy management services:
Pre-opening & Opening projects, Management Consultancy, Planning & Positioning, Sales & Marketing, Brand Builder, PR Digital Marketing, Sales (online & offline) Management, Virtual Sales & Marketing Assistant, Revenue Management & E-commerce, Human Resources, Training & Professional development, Food & Beverage, Rooms & Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Risk Management, Technical Services.

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Corporate Business Set-up & Management

Starting a business is always challenge and complicated. Expat Services Vietnam with our deep experiences will accompany with your business as a Partner. Then, you have more time to focus on your strengths of business and feel stress release. We are confident that we can help your business to start up smooth and create a great success for your business goal.

With our advisory services, we consult your business growth and restructure, merge, raise captial, diagnose business problems and minimize business risks, improve business process, improve operation, internal controls, improve information technology system.

Immigration to USA with EB5 program

With world economic development and trend of globalization, people have opportunities to study, live, work and invest in different countries which they wish for. They have a choice to be global citizens through some kinds of visa programs in different countries. The U.S Immigrant Investor Program, known as EB-5 program is the program which Expat Services Vietnam would like to provide our consultancy services. Under this program, entrepreneurs, your spouses and your unmarried children under 21 years old are eligible to apply for a green card-permanent residence. It is based on your strongly financial potential and the feasibility of projects you are applied to invest in EB-5 program.


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