Pre-move: Less Nervous With All Given Possible Plans Before Your Move

Expatriates receive assignments to Vietnam, we quite understand your worries about the job assignments in Vietnam. Many questions about Vietnam, many scopes of work to prepare, you would like to know to put you and your family easily adapt with new life in Vietnam. This also brings lots of “nervous” with long lists of preparation. You will be less nervous with all given possible plans before your move. First of all, from the negotiated employment package is offered for expatriates. Expat Services Vietnam together with our Global team will make a survey with expatriates and families. Then, we will work out for a suitable package of moving from your country to Vietnam. Lists of information and lists-to-do are also provided by Expat Services Vietnam including housing information, school information, your workplace information, Vietnamese lifestyle and culture, all possible plans before going abroad and helping you settle down quickly to work, stay and enjoy your living in Vietnam.

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Move With Work And Family: Professional Global Team For Your Move

The city is well stocked with various relocation specialists or all budgets and it is recommended that you take advantage to them to navigate through the difficult customs procedures. There are some options for your shipping your belongings depending on your budget. Air freight is the fastest option but it also more expensive. Expat Services Vietnam based on your selected of package moving, we will proceed your shipment move and get through customs. Documents required for customs upon the arrival of your shipment include: valid passport with visa pages, the original and two copies; immigration card; notarised copy of work permit, labour contract or business license; bill off lading/air waybill; customs declaration; authorisation letter; inventory list.

It is very important that you and your family are well prepared for your move. Expat Service Vietnam relocation team help your children understand information among in our moving plan, let them know new place they are going to abroad and involve them in small task of your move. This is also included school information and school documents transferred from current school to new school.

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Expat Services Vietnam Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training is one of the most important factors which helps expatriates and families adapt to new culture and succeed to live, work during their assignments in Vietnam.

This training includes:

  • Vietnamese culture and information about country, people, lifestyle of Vietnamese
  • Langugage skills, how to communicate effectively and gain satisfaction of integrating into the local culture.
  • Differences between Vietnam culture and other cultures. Then, it leads to different thoughts, different understandings, different ways of communication.
  • The training will analyze and study about power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation.
  • You may find tough and a little bit surprise during your explore new culture.
  • The training helps to find out suitable ways of communication and suitable behaviour. Then it will be helpful to perform smoothly with your staffs, your customers at workplace.
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Destination Services

  • Home search: Apart from relocation process, accommodation is one of the most crucial factors and much time-consuming in making your transition to Vietnam a success story. Expat Services Vietnam together with our trusted real estate agents will find out your accommodation needs matching your budget. There are variety of choices for your home during your assignment in Vietnam: serviced apartments, houses, villas,etc. Expat Services Vietnam consultant team provide tours for your site inspection at properties and sort out your favourite property, dealing with agents and landlord for lease terms/condition of contract; move-in procedure with property check, inventory check, follow-up monthly rental payment, maintenance follow-up with landlord and uncountable names of arisen issues during your stay until move-out the property, hang-over the property procedure.

    There is no hidden price and benefits provided from Expat Services Vietnam. We highly commit all honest information stated clearly in black and white.

  • School search: Education is an important issue for expatriates and their children. Parents tend to choose a curriculum which will be accepted world-wide so that their children are able to return to their home country. Based on the given possible plan provided to expatriates earlier, Expat Services Vietnam consultant team will arrange school inspections as well as meetings with School Admission to help you choose the best school for your children.
  • Health check: One of main conditions for being granted a work permit in Vietnam is clean medical record. Authorised hospitals are provided: Cho Ray Hospital, Columbia Hospital, French Viet (FV) Hospital, International SOS Clinic, etc.
  • Bank services: Citibank, HSBC, ANZ, Vietcombank, UOB, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Shinhan Bank Vietnam.
  • Driver's license conversion

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