Smooth Check-in Vietnam

How to manage whole process of expatriates immigration to Vietnam? Many issues and complicated scenarios in the process of immigration need to be answered. Expat Services Vietnam with our young, experienced, professional immigration consultants provide their excellent consulting in handling difficult immigration cases, unclear regulations, local laws applied for foreigner. We assist you and your family with entry visa smoothly, with your timing arriving to Vietnam as given plan. Visa can be single or multiple entry, typically granted for 3 months and up to 12 months depending on conditions and renewable in country.


Express Check-in Vietnam-Visa On Arrival

Express Check-in Vietnam by Visa On Arrival can help you to increase the process of immigration faster and push your date to move in Vietnam earlier than the proposed plan. It is not necessary for you to queue up and wait for lines up to your turn in the process visa as the normal visa. Expat Services Vietnam immigration team will arrange Vietnam visa before your departure by applying online for the Approval Letter first, receive the letter by email, then get visa stamped on your passports at Vietnam Airports upon arrival.


Work & Live in Vietnam

A work permit allows expatriates to work and live in a foreign country. Work permit in Vietnam issued by the Department of Labor. It seems quite simple in theory but it is complicated in practice. In order to obtain a work permit in Vietnam, there are some requirements need to be followed strictly: Educational or job experience: expatriates have got university degree and minimum 5-year experience in a field related to the position; Clean medical record; Clean criminal record; Age: must be 18 years or older; Sponsoring entity: only a company or organization registered in Vietnam may sponsor the work permit; Assignment letter.


Resident Cards

There are two different resident cards for expatriates who work and live long term in Vietnam: the temporary resident card and the permanent resident card.

In order to obtain temporary resident card, there are main required documents: Application form N5; Original passport; Work permit; Certificate, business registration certificate, license of establisment of representative office, company branch (including announcement of activation), the Certificate of Seal Registration; Proof of residence registration with ward police where the applicant lives; Family members: proof of relation.

Permanent resident card for expatriates who are seeking to work and live in Vietnam up to 3 years. In order to obtain permanent resident card, there are main required documents: Application form N7, expatriates’ curriculum vitae; Passport; Judicial records certified by the competency agency of the country of expatriates permanent residence; Vietnam visa or temporary residence card; Proof of spouse, child or parent’s citizenship who resides in Vietnam; Guarantees for foreigners residing in  Vietnam.

Document Notarization & Legalization

With our international law firms as our Partners in Vietnam, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, immigration team of Expat Services Vietnam will arrange to have all necessary documents notarized and legalized.


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