HR Consultant

Expat Services Vietnam recruits candidates from Senior levels to Management levels and expatriates for top Management level through countries Vietnam, US-UK,...and other countries depends on industry needs.

Job search industries: Administrative, Advertising, Airlines/Tourism, Banking, Consulting, Customer Services, Doctors, Education & Training, Fashion & Lifestyle, Sales & Marketing, Oils & Gas, Real Estates, Restaurant & Hotel, Retal & Wholesales, etc.

Corporate Training

Training is a vital of successful business. The right training gives staff the necessary skills and knowledges to carry out their work to the best of their ability, increase productivity and quality of work. Training can help to improve your staff performance. This help to increase your staff retention and help you to keep hold of your good staff.

Expat Services Vietnam trainers are Managers and expatriates holding key management levels in multi-nationality companies in the field they are expert. They can help your staff to gain relevant skills and knowledges to help staff perform job well in their professional manner and proficient ways.

Expat Services Vietnam provides trainings at workplace: Softskills, Essential skills for Supervisors & Managers, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Tailor-made training courses.

IETLS & English Training

Excellent English is essential in organizations to communicate with peers, managers, customers internally and globally. To help your staff meet the demand for higher level English in workplace, Expat Services Vietnam co-operates with British Council to offer general and business English, communication skills training and evaluation of your staff English skills.

For students who have their plan to study abroad, IETLS is one of the important International English certificates to help them meet their entrance criteria of school requirements. Expat Services Vietnam co-ordinates with British Council to provide a suitable curriculum of IETLS for students to help them achieve a desirable score to meet school requirement in English for the entrance criteria.