Corporate Immigration in Vietnam

Vietnam is still a mysterious country needs to be discovered in the eyes of the World’s friends: beautiful landscapes, friendly people, amazing culture, foods, etc. Many international friends are constantly surprised its fast business development the country called “The Dragon of Asia”.

With the event of Vietnam joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007, EU-Vietnam free trade agreement in January 2016, Vietnam is able to build steps develop country joining into global economy. This also brings a lot of business opportunities to Vietnam and multi-nationalities companies which would like to widen their business extensively in Vietnam. And expatriates come to Vietnam as their job assignment within their labor contract. Our young, professional immigration consultants provide excellent consulting to assist to manage whole immigration process. It helps expatriates settle down quickly with new country, new culture, joining proper health care, finding best home to stay for their family, best school to study for their children in Vietnam. They are able to adapt fastest, work, spend life with family happily in Vietnam.